Below is a comprehensive list of the many types of projects I can design for you.

All design is done by myself in a standard turnaround time of 6-9 days, many times sooner. Please note this is standard DESIGN time. This may not include the time it takes to print and ship your project. In almost every case, there are upgraded rush options available for the design, printing and shipping. For client meetings, I no longer maintain dedicated office space outside my South End home. I would be glad to meet at a location close to you or a nearby coffee shop or one of South End's many wonderful breweries such as Sycamore, Triple C, or Lenny Boy.



At the heart of your image is your name and logo. Some clients have a very old logo that simply needs a refresh some wanted something completely new from the ground up. I typically design logos that will look good in both full color and black and white. This helps ensure that should your logo ever be needed in a one color application such as your accounting software or a screenprinted tee shirt, it will always look consistent. I can provide logos for specific applications in specific formats such as vector logos for large scale printing.



I design business cards. A lot of business cards. My business cards are printed on a thick, premium 15pt card stock and is ideal for photography and images. I offer my standard business cards with an optional FREE ultraviolet gloss coating and an option FREE rounded corner options. Rounded corners are great if you have a card that may be kept in a wallet reducing the likelihood of bent up corners on your cards. For the customer that wants to make a statement, I also offer a "FAT" business card which is printed on a 34 pt card stock... Four times as thick as my 15pt Premium Business Cards. These can create a BIG impact! Lastly is a very special type of business card called a "SANDWICH" business card and is available is a SUPER thick 42pt or 56pt card card stock. You can choose one of 12 attention grabbing colors that is then "sandwiched" in a single (42pt) or double (56pt) filling between our a standard-sized business card design. These cards are not inexpensive but is a card that will be more likely to be kept. Here are the color available to be "sandwiched".image



Postcards do not necessarily need to be mailed (though I can certainly help set-up a dynamic direct-to-mailbox campaign for you). Sometimes postcards just make great handouts for tradeshows or to put in a customer shopping bag as a reminder of future promotions (or use it as a coupon). My postcards are printed on the same high quality 15pt cardstock with the same free options such as gloss coating and rounded corners. Traditional postcard size is 6" x 4" however other sizes are also available: 4.25" x 5.5", 5" x 7", 5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11" (standard letter size), 6" x 9", 8" x 10", and 6" x 11".



With almost every social media channel there is some customizable branding that needs to be done. Typically, I start with the Facebook profile picture and cover photo. These typically are prospective customers first visual impression with you so shouldn't your cover photo grab their attention? These are more complex than you'd think since a considerable portion of the cover photo gets cut when going from the desktop version to a mobile device version. From there, these Facebook versions can go through some minimal revisions to fit Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.



While these projects take more time to design, I can put together clean design for all these print collateral pieces. The more organized you have your project (layout, photos and text) before the project begins, the better rate I can give you due. TIP: Tri-fold brochures can be expensive to print. A cost-effective option is what is called a rack card. It is typically a 4" x 9" postcard and can be printed on both sides. They call it a rack card because these are the cards that you typically see while on vacation inside restaurant lobbies showcasing area attractions.



All of these are speciality items but ideal for special occasions or tradeshow giveaways.



I have a passion for photography and video. If you need product photos for better content on your social media or for print projects, I can handle the photography (at a much less costly rate than a professional photographer). This is cost effective option for companies that need high quality videos to showcase on Facebook or YouTube. In the past, I have had clients set up "Customer Appreciation Days" where they invited several customers to the store, provided food and drink and then one-by-one, I would film testimonial videos. I then would then edit the videos and post to their social media accounts.



I currently only design websites that are mobile responsive and in HTML/CSS. I do not design or offer assistance in .PHP, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, or.ASP.

"One of the most significant differences between graphic designers and other visual artists is our unhinged love of typography."

Greg Breeding



Professional, custom graphic design is important to the success of any business. The human mind experiences products and services with the senses. By now, you are quite familiar with the red color Coca-Cola uses or the yellow-golden McDonald's arch. All of these connections are made in the brain without reading any text. This is successful graphic design. And with memorable graphic design and branding comes the likelihood that your name, product and service will have a lasting impression when its time for the consumer to purchase. Whether its on the web, in print, on signage and in any of the social media channels you wish to use my work, I strive to keep my designs clean, unique, recognizable and therefore memorable.

So if you've never hired a graphic designer before, you may be asking how does the process work?

First, you obviously have a need. It may be a logo, business card, postcard, poster, brochure or even a vehicle magnet or t-shirt design. You may be getting started by using my INQUIRY FORM on this website or maybe you would like to talk on the phone. Here are a few questions you should be prepared to answer:

1. When do you need the design or print materials "in hand"?
2. Where will the logo I design be used? (i.e. only a letterhead, on Facebook, on business cards, etc.)
3. If needing a print project such as a business card, what quantity did you need and how many people in your organization will need cards? Did you want a design on both sides? Would you like gloss coating? Would you like the corners rounded? What is the shipping address? These will all be critical in determine an accurate quote.

Once I return a quote to you and you accept, I will begin the design process. Creative concepts will be presented to you based on that initial input of ideas you may have had, color options, variety of logo sizes, formats and applications where it will be used. You will most likely have at least one concept you like. I will further development that into a final logo. Once approved, you may pay via check or PayPal and after payment has cleared, I will turn over all digital files. Please note that I place all business card orders through a trusted vendor I have used for several years. In other words, when it comes to print projects, I do not design final files and then give them to my clients to print themselves.